Star Trek mirror mirror shirt

Star Trek Mirror Mirror Shirt

Klingons become darker because the audience Star Trek mirror mirror shirt had become accepting of Caucasian actors in blackfaced theatrics as an outlet for their fantasies in contemporary society. Star Trek provided the added bonus of normalizing racial conflicts well into the future as if it were inevitable. In The Original Series, political correctness (a 1960s Post WWII generation [1946-1964] concept on the extreme and then violent left) dictated that Klingons be swarthy, but not clearly African. The horrified reaction to TNG’s racial misstep in 1.3 “Code of Honor” is another good example of how the color line in Star Trek moved between the late 60s Civil Rights

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Act high watermark in social achievement to Star Trek mirror mirror shirt the undermined leftovers of those concepts by the late 80s. The reboots were always comfortable going quite a bit farther on race while being about as hard on women as the original. And of course, all the reboots had a huge, angry, middle-aged fan base to draw on by the 1990s that it lacked in the late 1960s who would embrace Star Strek’s ethical/ethnic cleansing as an idealized future. over him was quite a white triumph. The check out “Spock’s Brain” for a review of how women can’t lead a society without a male brain to coordinate it. Yes, that’s what some elders have admired for decades (remember how many Hollywood awards this show got, geez).

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