Freddy Krueger Stay Woke shirt

Freddy Krueger Stay Woke Shirt

I actually like the idea. Purists whining about only Englund could play Krueger are ridiculous. I need this Freddy Krueger Stay Woke shirt. There is so much that could be done with the franchise. The lore is ripe with tons of great ideas. Englund said he would never play the role again. So I would rather the franchise continue in some form even if that means Kevin bacon plays Krueger. I think he would do great. The last remake was horrible, agreed. I saw it as a cash grab more so than a labor of love.

Freddy Krueger Stay Woke shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

Freddy Krueger Stay Woke Sweater
Freddy Krueger Stay Woke V-neck T-shirt
V-neck T-shirt
Freddy Krueger Stay Woke Hoodie
Freddy Krueger Stay Woke Ladies Tee
Ladies Tee

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With the right writers and actors, this franchise could become a horror staple yet again for a Freddy Krueger Stay Woke shirt. I’m sorry but everything that can be done has already been done in the franchise Freddy was Wes’ baby and Robert brought him to life no one else can fit that role. I just read that article the other day. He wants to Do it as long as it’s a sequel, not a reboot.

Ricky Reinert last I heard, he wanted to possibly be in the film to some capacity but was not returning as Krueger himself. Do you have a link? Christopher Phoenix McMillan not true. There were lots of ideas that were only briefly touched on in some of the sequel films. Not to mention the possibilities the series can bring with some originality. The hard part was already done. The foundation has been set, it’s plenty to build upon.

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