Happy St.Pat T-rex Day shirt

Happy St.pat T Rex Day Shirt

Happy snow day, Nashville! Everyone stay warm and safe Happy St.Pat T-rex Day shirt (especially if you have to be out on the roads)! Thanks to Janet Smith Pettigrew for the video! I think I want to get my fiance at-Rex outfit. lol. My diva did not like the snow getting on her shoes!! I guess I need to wear one of these to enjoy the snow. These individuals dressing up as T-Rexes always cracks me up. What is it about dancing/playing “T-Rexes” that puts a smile on my face?

Happy St.Pat T-rex Day shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

Happy St.pat T Rex Day Shirt
Happy St.pat T Rex Day Shirt
V-neck t-shirt
Happy St.pat T Rex Day Shirt
Happy St.pat T Rex Day Shirt
Ladies tee

Best Happy St.Pat T-rex Day shirt

Makes me think of you every time I see this! He would love to actually see them all come Happy St.Pat T-rex Day shirt. I really think we will be back in school on Thursday. Somebody needs to explain to Nick Berres it doesn’t matter if the snow is dry most don’t know how to drive on it. Snow did not kill the dinosaurs. This is now confirmed and makes me happy.

Thank you NewsChannel 5 for getting it right! 2 out of 2 for 2018 isn’t bad at all. Please keep us up to date with road conditions. I can see you doing this with your squirrel costume. Now I know what T-Rex tracks look like just in case one crosses my yard. You guys crack me up I’m in the north oh get down Rex do a snow angel. Love the t-rex videos. Always makes my day.

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