Love My Philadelphia Flyers shirt

Love My Philadelphia Flyers Shirt

I am so so sorry for your loss. Disco was such a beautiful Love My Philadelphia Flyers shirt. Thank you both for sharing your joy with us. I will always treasure my Disco videos. It’s so nice to hear from you again. I often think of you and your family and of course, I still miss Disco. I buried my Quaker parrot, Guido, in our backyard last November. I might just copy you and plant a butterfly bush also.

Love My Philadelphia Flyers shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

Love My Philadelphia Flyers Sweater
Love My Philadelphia Flyers V-neck T-shirt
V-neck T-shirt
Love My Philadelphia Flyers Hoodie
Love My Philadelphia Flyers Ladies Tee
Ladies Tee

Best Love My Philadelphia Flyers shirt

I still go watch his Video’s, whenever I’m feeling super down. I need this Love My Philadelphia Flyers shirt.  It always seems to lift my spirits up! Our little Monty Budgie passed away in January but he and our cockatiels and our Quaker parrots always loved when played his videos for them. They still love re-runs. Thank you for sharing his experience with everyone. He was truly special and we all loved him.

Oh, sweetheart, you are so missed. The silence in your home must have been deafening after you left. What a special precious soul. I can only imagine the many hours, days, weeks, years you spent loving Disco so he could share the same with us. I miss him he was my laugh for the week. I miss him so much, and I can’t imagine your loss. Thanks for posting this. I know it still isn’t easy.

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